• » Utilization of Leucaena leucocephala in Traditional Fattening Program of Bali Cattle in Amarasi
  • » The Growth and Distribution of Carcass Fat in Fattening Steer of Different Breeds
  • » UKURAN DAN BENTUK ITIK PEKIN (Anas Platyrhynchos), ENTOK IMPOR DAN ENTOK LOKAL (Cairina moschata)
  • » Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism on Growth Hormone Gene in Aceh Cattle
  • » Genetic Polymorphisms of the Coding Region (Exon 6) of Calpastatin in Indonesian Sheep
  • » Live Weight Estimation by Chest Girth, Body Length and Body Volume Formula in Minahasa Local Horse
  • » Morphometric Characterization of Minahasa Horse for Breeding and Conservation Purposes
  • » The Characteristics of Cytochrome C Oxidase Gene Subunit I in Wild Silkmoth Cricula trifenestrata Helfer and Its Evaluation for Species Marker
  • » The Genetic Diversity of TLR4 MHC-DRB Genes in Dairy Goats Using PCR-RFLP Technique
  • » Penampilan, Kualitas Kimia, dan Off -Odor Daging Itik (Anas plathyrynchos) yang Diberi Pakan Mengandung Beluntas (Pluchea indica L. Less)
  • » Purification of Egg White Lysozyme from Indonesian Kampung Chicken and Ducks
  • » uplementasi Tepung Putih Telur untuk Memperbaiki Nilai Nutrisi Snack Ekstrusi Berbahan Grits Jagung
  • » Polymorphism of Myostatin (MSTN) Promoter Gene and its Association with Growth and Muscling Traits in Bali Cattle
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